About Alex Bernardin

Alex BernardinLooking for a curriculum vitae?
Here’s my resume as a PDF.

I have been building websites since 1996, when 90% of the country had no idea what a browser was, and Google wasn’t even a glimmer in Sergei’s eye.

Starting with CNET Networks, I worked on ground-breaking sites like download.com before leading the front-end development team that built computers.com.

Post-CNET, I’ve worked with commercial as well as non-profit organizations, evolving and expanding my familiarity with all sorts of online marketing tools and techniques.

I really enjoy leading teams and helping people to learn to do things “better”. I honestly get a kick out of talking about process – how do we do things well, and how do we do them well repeatedly?

This connects to a great appreciation for metrics and analytics – how do we know that we actually succeeded? How can we know what worked and what didn’t?

When not geeking out on process and online marketing, I often enjoy photography. I’ve many times enjoyed attending Burning Man, making clothing, and cooking. And once in a while, I turn my hair an unnatural color.